C.O.R.E Leadership

We are excited to introduce you to the CORE leadership training program.  It’s just the thing we, as operators have been missing in our training platforms.  CORE focuses on the soft skill side of the business, teaching leaders how to gain results through proper behavioral patterns as well as mindfulness and professionalism in this inter-active full participation platform.  It brings the emphasis back to the “human side” of the business, because our people are what differentiate us from our competition.

CORis an adaptive leadership program designed in four modules:

C– CULTIVATE (Module 1): explore fresh ideas for recruiting, attracting, motivating and retaining better talent. 

O– ORGANIZE & PRIORITIZE (Module 2): learn how to spend precious time, energy and resources on the activities that deliver results and move the team forward, and how NOT to spend it on things that don’t.

R– RELATE & COMMUNICATE (Module 3): explore how to get better commitment and performance from teams by relating how every task, action and behavior affects guests, goals, and The Burger King brand.

E– EXECUTE (Module 4): focus on setting clear goals, communicating those to shift-level activity and making every team member accountable for achieving them.



**Training on C- Cultivate (Module 1) will be offered to The FIRST 15 participants to sign up, as seating is limited. Program is recommended for ARL’s at this time.  It will be held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 from 9:30 am- 4:30 pm. Additional training sessions will be scheduled for 2018 (Dates and locations TBA).   Registration cost of $100.00 per participant will include training materials and Lunch.  If room accommodations are required, please check the appropriate box in registration form, for additional information.




For more information regarding CORE Leadership program, check out Issue 3 of FLAME magazine, or click the following link:  click here

Please contact Rachel Levins at Rachel@phoenixorganization.com with any questions.